In the early 1990s, Scott Kay resurrected Platinum and is credited for bringing this rare and naturally white precious metal back to the forefront. Platinum’s white luster is completely natural. It provides an exceptional setting for diamonds because of its superb strength and durability. Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold.

Scott Kay Platinum is 95% pure and alloyed with ruthenium, a platinum group metal. Because of this extreme purity, platinum is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish.


Quite similar to its sister metal Platinum, Palladium is naturally white and does not need to be rhodium plated. It does not tarnish and is easy to maintain. Palladium is a platinum group metal and is mined from the ground with its sister metal. Scott Kay palladium is 95% pure, hypoallergenic and extremely economical as it sells for less per ounce than other precious metals.


From as early as 2600 B.C., Gold has been recognized for its intrinsic beauty and used to craft ornamental jewelry. Throughout history Gold has shaped physical landscapes through wars that have been waged over it, and it continues to shape emotional landscapes when forged into a band that represents the promise of a lifetime of commitment.


Scott Kay’s 14K and 19K white gold is alloyed with palladium, and not the industry standard nickel as approximately 15% of the U.S. population is allergic to nickel. The benefits of the Scott Kay formula are beautiful pieces that are stronger, whiter and hypoallergenic; a rhodium finish is applied to maintain the whitest surface possible.


To allow the true, natural color of gold to radiate, Scott Kay’s 14K and 19K yellow gold is alloyed to be genuine to the beautiful, warm hue and glow that nature intended for this precious metal.