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Tungsten Carbide Rings are Wedding Bands that are made from grinding tungsten and carbon into a powder and sintered with nickel. This is a cemented carbide – a material that is not a metal and it is not sold. Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring simply cannot bend, so continuous gentle taps or impact with a hard surface may crack, chip or even shatter Tungsten Carbide. It is our belief that this material is not suitable to symbolize your vows and have blessed in a church, temple or synagogue.

Marriage is meant to last forever, and so is your wedding band. A wedding ring is not something that can simply be replaced. Why would you purchase a wedding ring or band that may not last forever, or that cannot be repaired if it breaks?

After doing some research, including on the internet, Scott Kay openly described how angry he was about Tungsten Carbide’s shortcomings as a wedding band material. His findings include YouTube videos, as well as advertising campaigns that described tungsten carbide wedding bands as being “indestructible.” He took his findings to the jewelry industry in the way of a historic press conference.

When I read on the Internet that tungsten rings, and tungsten carbide wedding rings in particular, are ‘unbreakable’ or ‘indestructible,’ I have a serious problem with that,” Scott Kay stated. “I have a problem with tungsten carbide for producing a wedding ring without 100% disclosure that it can break when it falls on the floor. I have no problem with tungsten carbide in and of itself. I do have a problem, however, with anything less than 100 percent disclosure in the usage of tungsten carbide for bridal jewelry.

Scott Kay has introduced SK Cobalt Jewelry, which is made with BioBlu27™ Cobalt alloy. It is 3.5 – 4 times harder than platinum, making it extremely durable and highly scratch resistant. SK Cobalt Jewelry is 100% solid and will not break. Never compromise on the wedding ring that you take your vows over. Brittle should never be a trait associated with wedding jewelry. “Brittle is not for Bridal.” – Scott Kay