What’s the best way to care for my Scott Kay ring?

Every piece of Scott Kay wedding jewelry is designed to become a future heirloom. The precious metals we work with are inherently durable, and diamonds are, by nature, the hardest (read: chip- and scratch-resistant) gems in existence. While your ring is meticulously handcrafted to hold up to everyday wear, it should also be preserved and cared for like a priceless work of art. To keep your Scott Kay ring in superb condition, and enjoy its remarkable beauty for years to come, we recommend the following care and cleaning tips:

  • When not being worn, store the ring in a safe place like a ring tree or the Scott Kay jewel box it came in, avoiding contact with your other jewelry to prevent nicks and scratches.
  • Consider removing your ring when working with your hands or engaging in activities that could result in ring damage or loss, from housework and food prep to swimming and exercise.
  • Avoid removing your ring when washing your hands in a public restroom; when traveling, keep it locked it in your hotel room’s safe.
  • Perfumes, lotions, shampoo and other chemical-based products, as well as the natural oils in your skin, can create grime and buildup over time. To maintain your ring’s beauty, gently wipe it clean with a damp cloth as needed. Our retailers are also happy to recommend a number of professional jewelry-cleaning solutions, and will help you select one based on your ring’s design.
  • If your ring features diamond pavé accents, do not use an at-home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which can potentially loosen the stones.
  • Finally, we recommend having a Scott Kay Authorized Retailer check the center stone’s prongs once a year to ensure that the gem remains securely in place.

Where can I get my Scott Kay Ring repaired?
All Authorized Scott Kay Retailers are expertly trained in the intricacies that make each Scott Kay ring unique—you can trust these expert jewelers to handle any necessary repairs, always consulting with Scott Kay’s in-house craftsmen to ensure your ring is restored to its original glory. Click here to find the retailer nearest you.

Of what quality are the diamonds used in Scott Kay rings?

“Never Compromise” is the defining characteristic of our company and guides all of our business and production practices, especially when it comes to selecting diamonds for our designs. Rings made of platinum or 18k white or yellow gold, feature diamonds in the G-H color range with a VS clarity grade. Our 14k white or yellow gold rings feature H-color diamonds with a clarity grade of SI.

To learn more about how diamonds are rated, we recommend consulting the Gemological Institute of America’s guide to the 4Cs.

Where are Scott Kay’s diamonds sourced?

Scott Kay works with a number of top-tier international suppliers not only to accent our designs with the most exceptional diamonds available to the trade, but also to reassure our customers that these diamonds have been obtained through the most ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable measures. We can guarantee that our diamonds come from conflict-free regions of the world, are obtained in compliance with United Nations Resolutions and follow the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme or KPCS, which mandates and enforces an international certification process for the sale of rough diamonds.

Do Scott Kay rings come with diamond center stones? 

To allow our customers greater flexibility in customizing the perfect engagement ring design, we do not offer rings with diamond center stones. An Authorized Scott Kay retailer will be happy to show you a variety of stones to choose from so that you can select the size, cut and quality that fits your desired look and budget.

How can I be sure that the Scott Kay jewelry I have purchased is authentic? 

Like all luxury designer jewelry, our pieces are signed with a hallmark to ensure its authenticity. To further ensure the authentic nature of your Scott Kay jewelry purchase, make sure you are shopping with an Authorized Scott Kay Retailer. Click here to find the one nearest you.

What is the warranty on my Scott Kay ring? 

Scott Kay is utterly committed to creating an impeccable product, and stands behind all of its wedding jewelry by offering a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturer defects.

What is the warranty on my Scott Kay jewelry? 

Scott Kay is utterly committed to creating impeccable fashion jewelry designs and stands by these products by offering a limited three-year warranty against material and manufacturer defects.

Can my ring be resized? 

When you purchase a ring from a Scott Kay Authorized Retailer, you will work with a sales associate to determine your correct size and have your ring made to order accordingly. The precious metals we work with—platinum and 14k or 18k gold—can be sized up or down as needed, but the complexity of the ring’s design may limit our ability to do so.   Please consult with a Scott Kay Authorized Retailer, who will ensure this is handled properly and in accordance with our high standards.